The Black Dog - Radio Dogma #44

Oh what? I thought your music was a milking-machine banging away in the background of The Archers!


Kemper Norton - Unrequited

"This sounds like it should be on Bagpuss..."


Various Artists: Diwali Riddim

"Ooh, it's like going back 5 years"

"2003? Shit!"


Stockhausen - Ceylon

"Is this your stuff again? Not when there's people round..."


RCola - Jungle vs. D 'n B 12"

"What are you listening to this for?"

Oh... I was checking to see if I liked it or whether I should flog it for twenty quid on the internet, you know?

"Well... it sounds like The Spin Doctors? [...] Also this speeded-up bit really doesn't work. So, twenty quid."

 You don't get a casting vote!

"TWENTY QUID, MATE! This record... OR... a take-away?"


Xylitol - Ghost Office

"Sounds like 'Personal Jesus'... with... stuff going on."


Russell Haswell - Factual

 "Do you genuinely get enjoyment out of this? Your brain must be wired funny."


Mar Habrine - S/T

"Um, frogs' mating calls? I don't think the cat likes it..."


Alice Coltrane - Ptah The El Daoud

"Like someone vomited jazz love all over the middle of the record."

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UNIT - "Civil Disobedience"

"Sometimes I feel like we're growing apart."


Ekoplekz – Dromilly Vale EP

"Do you have any mates who can actually sing?"


Production Unit - ICU Tracks

[the daughter takes great delight in bringing the opening track to the attention of her mother, who is sitting another room. Comments are then relayed down the corridor.]

"Oh what? I thought there was something wrong with your laptop! Seriously mate - headphone music. [...] HEADPHONE MUSIC!"


The sound of a ladder

"Is that your music, or someone banging about with a ladder in the gardens?"


Ascoltare – Fatty Parts For A Good Match

"A picture disc? Is this something from the eighties?"

"I just thought everyone gave up on them after that."

"Are they German?"

"Oh OK, I thought it might be someone you knew."


Ekoplekz - Intrusive Incidentalz Vol 1

"Really? Okay, good; I thought it was the boy trapped under the rocking chair..."

Hacker Farm - Home Taping Is Killing Music

"So it's sounded through the wall like you've been listening to: cows, a wild beast and the sound of wind?"


Keitg Fullerton Whitman / Alien Radio

"Not going to make the world a happier place though, is it?" - the KFW side.

"This is better; like inside the head of a cbeebies presenter" - the Alien Radio side.


Mark Fell - Manitutshu

"OK, this is going to have to stop in a minute... OK, this needs to STOP NOW."


The Lemon Kittens

"The hosptial hurts the girl? What is this? [...] When's it from? [...] Oh well that's more forgiveable then I guess. [...] Ok, bored now."



"Sounds like too many people, all trying to talk at once, while someone else tries to learn to play their instruments in the background"

Coil - Winter Solstice: North

"Not exactly Christmassy though is it?"

Technically this is a bit of cheat, being one of my students' comments, rather than my wife but I think it fits in well here, regardless...

Gallon Drunk - Some Fools Mess

"The cover is less messy, I suppose. But the ducks are distracting."

Cyclobe - Wounded Galaxies

"There must be an ulterior motive, other than music."