Ekoplekz - Intrusive Incidentalz Vol 1

"Really? Okay, good; I thought it was the boy trapped under the rocking chair..."

Hacker Farm - Home Taping Is Killing Music

"So it's sounded through the wall like you've been listening to: cows, a wild beast and the sound of wind?"


Keitg Fullerton Whitman / Alien Radio

"Not going to make the world a happier place though, is it?" - the KFW side.

"This is better; like inside the head of a cbeebies presenter" - the Alien Radio side.


Mark Fell - Manitutshu

"OK, this is going to have to stop in a minute... OK, this needs to STOP NOW."


The Lemon Kittens

"The hosptial hurts the girl? What is this? [...] When's it from? [...] Oh well that's more forgiveable then I guess. [...] Ok, bored now."



"Sounds like too many people, all trying to talk at once, while someone else tries to learn to play their instruments in the background"