Russell Haswell - Factual

 "Do you genuinely get enjoyment out of this? Your brain must be wired funny."


Mar Habrine - S/T

"Um, frogs' mating calls? I don't think the cat likes it..."


Alice Coltrane - Ptah The El Daoud

"Like someone vomited jazz love all over the middle of the record."

submitted by @MandrewB


UNIT - "Civil Disobedience"

"Sometimes I feel like we're growing apart."


Ekoplekz – Dromilly Vale EP

"Do you have any mates who can actually sing?"


Production Unit - ICU Tracks

[the daughter takes great delight in bringing the opening track to the attention of her mother, who is sitting another room. Comments are then relayed down the corridor.]

"Oh what? I thought there was something wrong with your laptop! Seriously mate - headphone music. [...] HEADPHONE MUSIC!"


The sound of a ladder

"Is that your music, or someone banging about with a ladder in the gardens?"


Ascoltare – Fatty Parts For A Good Match

"A picture disc? Is this something from the eighties?"

"I just thought everyone gave up on them after that."

"Are they German?"

"Oh OK, I thought it might be someone you knew."