Coil - Winter Solstice: North

"Not exactly Christmassy though is it?"

Technically this is a bit of cheat, being one of my students' comments, rather than my wife but I think it fits in well here, regardless...

Gallon Drunk - Some Fools Mess

"The cover is less messy, I suppose. But the ducks are distracting."

Cyclobe - Wounded Galaxies

"There must be an ulterior motive, other than music."


Tony McPhee - The Two Sides Of Tony (T.S.) McPhee

"This is dreadful. It sounds like two six year olds with a theremin and a keyboard."


Galaxy 500 - Today

'Would have it's head pushed down the toilet if it was at school.'

Animal Collective - Strawberry Jam

'Not as big or clever as they think they are.'


You Made Me Realise

"It put me off a bit."